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We believe in applying our expertise in a manner that can help clients become stronger and more resilient investor in Stock market. Our market- leading team help clients embrace complexity to accelerate performance and lead in their investment lifestyle

We bring a great deal of insight into every segment of our services. Thus, we tend to provide services into four main dimensions- Neophyte, Standard, Prime and Elite. 


Fintherp provides services that helps investor to navigate market risks and opportunities at various levels to gain competitive advantage.

As the word explains, a newcomer, anyone who is new or a beginner to investing and stock market, can opt for this service in various segments like stock cash, stock futures, Nifty, stock options, bullions and metal energy, and NCDEX..
  •  Intraday tips with small targets and low risk.
  • Specially designed for new and conservative investors. 
  • Support by business development executives and analysts. 
  • Research based on fundamental study and market movements.
  • Required minimum investment is 50,000 ₹ to 1 lakh ₹.

Prime Services

 As name says, the prime or the better version of services  designed for prime or special investors in various asset classes
like stock cash, stock futures, Nifty, stock options, bullions and metal energy, and NCDEX.

  • Package provides opportunity of huge profit making with prescribed risk.
  • Designed for investors who are willing to earn relatively more profit with a risk bearing capacity.
  • Selective stocks to trade in.
  • In-depth analysis using various techniques.
  • Required minimum investment of 2 lakh ₹ to 5 lakh ₹.
  • Proper support provided by analysts.

Fintherp-Wealth Management


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