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“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have"


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Leading diversified financial advisory firm.

About Us

Fintherp Wealth Management is one of the leading diversified financial advisory firm well founded and well built of the age. With a team of profound financial professionals, we put in action a very systematic, factual and detailed market research and fact findings. Our well crafted products and services help investors to optimize growth and maximizing returns.

We are SEBI registered and ISO certified investment advisors and abide by the provisions of the (IA Regulation, 2013) Act and its regulations. We believe and follow an ethical, social and cultural work environment in the professional realm.

Drawing from the in-depth knowledge of the financial industry, FINTHERP’s motto is to professionally develop ourselves as industry leader not only nationwide but across boundaries and consistently raise the standard for the industry service.

Our Idealogy


We believe that financial peace isn’t the acquisition of money, it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort towards mobilizing the acquired money.

• Understanding securities market and performance to      new and existing customers.
• Knowing operational aspects of financial transactions.
• Regulatory and compliance aspects
• Personal financial planning
• Comprehensive financial planning
• Product selection and analysis 

Decision makes a lot of difference in our lives. While right decisions at right time can chart a good future, wrong ones can screw things up. This holds true for our finance also. Those who intelligently plan their finances always have an edge over those who invest money in a haphazard manner and without any proper planning. But we also can’t ignore the fact that everybody learns from mistakes. It is human to err, but learning from it and not repeating the mistake is what is expected of a mature investor.

Explore something more than knowledge and numbers... 
Wisdom and Interpretation. 

Our Management  

You’ll have the access to the largest pool of top talent with the right mix of skills – who are the keen to take your financial goals to next level. And that access, together with our invaluable market intelligence, is customized to the changing needs of your business – allowing you to leverage a tangible competitive advantage.

We have a diversified workforce who are expertises in:
• Relationship management
• Organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Problem solving
• Technological savvy
• Tenacity and ethics. 


Work with the best

Our approach is to understand the financial needs of the customers and recommend investment options in super simple manner. We believe in being your personal financial advisors, dedicated to empower our clients to gain from market opportunities and build relationships with them.

Our services and products are designed and well customized for the investors who are regular in nature, as well as who are actually affected by market see-saw and roller-coaster. 


  1.  We know the basics of Indian Securities Markets and different terminologies used in equity and commodity markets. 
  2. We have learned and studied deeply about the top down and bottom up approach to fundamental research.
  3. We know the basic principles for micro and macro economic analysis, the source of different information for analysis and the various macro- economic variables affecting the analysis.
  4. We know the key industry drivers and sources of information for analysis and understand about the qualitative and quantitative dimensions with regard to company analysis.
  5. Learned about the fundamentals of risk and return, valuation principles and the philosophy of various corporate actions.

Fintherp-Wealth Management


Email us -
Call us @ - 83970-55555
Address - W-17, Leela Mansion,     Pipliyakumar Square
Indore, 452010. 

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